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Empire Irrigation Product Lines

Nu-Flex is an Empire Irrigation product. Empire Irrigation is the leading manufacturer and distributor of gravity irrigation equipment and supplies. Nu-Flex is the original developer of surface ditch irrigation and its reputation for quality remains head and shoulders above the competition.

With the Nu-Flex System you are in total control. Valves are easily inserted at any spacing and on either or both sides of the Nu-Flex line. The range of applications and versatility is unlimited.

Quick and easy installation is also a key feature of the Nu-Flex System. With the Nu-Flex system dry, clean headlands make set changes a breeze. Your water is doing its job on the crop where and you want it. Applicators may be purchased or rented from all Nu-Flex dealers.

If you are a farmer interested in a practical reliable, cost-efficient water conserving method to improve your crop yields, Nu-Flex should be your partner in progress.

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